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Wills.   If you have assets, no matter what your age, marital status, or financial wealth, you should have a will (made while you are still capable) in the event of your death.  It is a courteous thing to leave behind a streamlined plan for your family to follow.  A Will is your best method for specifying who will receive your property, rather than having the state determine where your property will go.  In your Will you can designate who will become guardian of your minor children.    Peace of mind is just 2 one hour meetings away.  $600 single person or $900 couple.

Trusts.   A Trust arrangement can be used as a management tool in a variety of situations.  Whether a revocable living trust plan is right for you or your heirs depends on numerous factors.   In some situations, the use of a trust can minimize taxes or settlement charges.

Powers of Attorney.   If you become incapacitated for some period of time, you would be unable to manage your assets or affairs.  A power of attorney form authorizes someone else to act on your behalf in such situations.   Some forms address financial matters and some address health care matters.   Important decisions must sometimes be made to protect your interests, and having a power of attorney (made while you are still capable) is the only way to avoid a more expensive and restrictive guardianship proceeding.

Living WillsA Living Will (sometimes called a Directive to Physicians) is a form that can help you avoid being kept alive under hopeless conditions.  If a person without a Living Will becomes irreversibly incapacitated (like brain dead), the attending doctors and clinics will feel obliged to continue life saving procedures long after it makes any sense.  A Living Will can relieve your loved ones from guilt and financial loss.

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