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       I have been practicing law in Washington for 40+ years.  I am a modern one man shop - I like it this way.  I provide legal services for individuals and businesses throughout Snohomish & King Counties. 

       Areas of Practice.   Because of the tremendous growth of new laws and areas of specialization, it is more difficult to be all things to all people.  Rather than handling a broad range of legal needs, I focus my time and talent on property, financial and commercial affairs.  I have divided my practice into three areas of concentration: Real Estate, Business and Estate Planning. 

          Fee Arrangements.   I handle most matters on an hourly basis, at my current rate of $295 per hour.   Some matters (like creating wills or LLCs) can be handled on a flat fee basis.  I generally receive some advance fee payment and bill for services on a monthly basis.  After hours meetings can be arranged.

         My Mission Statement.   My goal is to provide high quality legal service at a reasonable price.   I bring clarity and order to clients' business and financial affiars, to reduce the strife and confusion that often attaches to such matters.  I clearly recognize that I am in a service business, and I strive to keep my clients informed as to the status of matters and courses of action being followed or recommended. 

Mill Creek's Real Estate, Business & Wills Lawyer

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