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Purchase & Sale AgreementsThe Sale Agreement (earnest money agreement) is the most important document in your transaction process.   It pays to make sure that this form includes all of the protections and contingencies you might need if things do not go as planned.   Residential properties have unique aspects to consider, and commercial or development properties often include custom elements.

Deeds & Title Issues.   I prepare deeds for a variety of situations, and also provide the necessary related real estate excise tax affidavit forms.   Sometimes a defect in title or a problem with the manner of registration is discovered, and I assist to fix the problem, file the necessary corrective documents, and make sure the title companies will be willing to insure the marketability of your title.

Real Estate LLCsDon't let your investment become a liability.  The Real Estate Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the vehicle of choice for holding title, for a host of reasons.  Whether you own a property yourself or with other partners, it is important to establish your LLC with an appropriate Operating Agreement. 

Notes & Loan Agreements.   Whether you are making or accepting a loan to purchase or improve a property, you will have one chance to get the paperwork right.  Each loan has unique elements, and it is important to make sure that your loan documents (Promissory Note, Loan Agreement, Security Agreements) are prepared to protect your interests.   The follow through with proper recordings and set up of escrow or collection arrangements is typically part of the service.

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