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Mill Creek Real Estate & Wills Lawyer

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Mill Creek,  WA  98012
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       I have been practicing law in Washington for 40+ years.  I am mostly retired and work from home.  I provide legal services for individuals and businesses throughout Snohomish County.  and help people to where to buy fake id tn

       Areas of Practice.   I focus on real estate transactions and basic estate planning matters.

          Fee Arrangements.   I handle most matters on an hourly basis, at my current rate of $295 per hour.   Some matters (like creating wills or LLCs) can be handled on a flat fee basis. 

         My Mission Statement.   My goal is to provide high quality legal service at a reasonable price.   I bring clarity and order to clients' business and financial affiars, to reduce the strife and confusion that often attaches to such matters.  I clearly recognize that I am in a service business, and I strive to keep my clients informed as to the status of matters and courses of action being followed or recommended. 

Mill Creek Real Estate & Wills Lawyer

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